Tuesday, October 18, 2005


a song:

If waves come down and crash on my head
and drown me in a world that goes unsaid,
If waters rise in a carnivorous fashion
and I fail to reach my hand into the air,
If I suffocate my dreams and visions
and generate only enclosed and tidy thoughts,
If I jump into empty spaces without question,
If I walk into the fire leaning towards the heat,
Will I somehow be acceptable
by the tens and thousands of heartbeats?
Will your eyes smile on me?

Oh please
if there be a cure to me
can I reach it in some other manner?
Would it be acceptable to just try harder?
Might there be ... a battery
to connect to me
so I won't make a mistake?
One that forces me to stand up right.

But wait...
Who are you
to measure me so?
You who stands but never grows
Ahh someone I no longer choose to know.
Your eyes do not see ... everything.

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