Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Neon's Obsession"
18x24 oil on canvas
available in giclee $235.
also available in prints, mugs and t-shirts

"Neon's Obsession" is also posted on my other blog today. That blog is going through all of my work, posting prices, artist impressions and a related poem. "Neon's Obsession" is part of the "Walk On The Wild Side" series. It is mostly about the adventures of 'Neon Blue'. A poem about her is posted on that blog with more paintings from the series. "Walk On The Wild Side" series is being focused upon first on that blog.

"Neon's Obsession" makes my mind buzz with all kinds of scenarios. What happened here and what is she thinking? What will happen later?

I love the whole playfulness of this series. I think it offers an adventure without traveling. I cannot wait to get back to it!

This poem is by Anis Nin... it is the only poem on my blogs not written by me. I post it because I love it.

I wept because the process by which I became a woman was painful.
I wept because from now on I would weep less.
I wept because I had lost my pain
and I was not accustomed to it's abscence.

Anis Nin

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