Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story:

Standing at the rim of the pond one would never know of the magic below. The light, while standing above, appeared to be glisten from the sun. The castles were of a clear jelly like substance. The Emerings were soft creatures who knew nothing of sharp edges, thus everything they cared for or encouraged to grow was gentle and soft. Veins of thin turquoise, rose and lavender light held the structure up and lit the Emerings pathway. Each turret bore a different color. Columns and banisters of pink and white lotus petals at the entrance of the castle bore deep emerald shimmerings of light. The same emerald shimmerings that set inside the stephanotis blossoms on Dallyanne's daily crown. Deep down at the bottom of the pond, the Emerings dug out a tunnel of some 5000 yards. It was lined with the same jelly like substance that constructed the castle. It appeared to be headed toward the ocean. While Emerings were capable of taking on the form of a human they were more comfortable in the water.
Dallyanne wrapped her soul around the castle, the Emerings and her life at the pond. She saw only the best side of things and held the character of the Emerings in the light and saw only purity of kindness. She never perceived another side or of their full capabilities. Though their hearts were pure and kind she underestimated their strength and determination.

to be continued....

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