Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story....

It was not only Dallyanne affected by the magical natures of the Emerings, the Emerings themselves were in turn captivated by Dallyanne. Her songs, her gayety, her tears when she felt sad. Dallyanne was a lovely creature herself. She had long locks of light blond curly hair that tussled to her tiny waist. The Emerings were taken in by her as she with them which is why they decided to reveal themselves to her. Sometimes one just knows that it is OK to trust someone. Dallyanne became so entwined with the Emerings her skin became like satin and glowed as soft as the moon on a still night. She was blessed by the Emerings to be forever young; a gift so pure of heart, yet a gift that would one day betray her in the cruelest of ways.
The Emerings might have seemed to some to have foolish hearts. They believed in total love and fulfilled hope. They were optimistic about every undiscovered corner and anticipated only good things. They frolicked in giving Dallyanne pleasure. They would greet her with delightful little giggles as if to say that Dallanne was the brightest point of their lives. Some planted moss for her feet to walk over, just so she would feel it's softness between her toes. Countless orchids were planted in her honor and she named them all. The Emerings stayed up 'till the wee hours of the morning planning little games and surprises for Dallyanne. She was always greeted with a wreath of orchids and stephanotis filled with tiny green emeralds to set upon the head of their princess.
Dallyanne loved her dear little friends with equal affection and attention. They were to her that spark of childhood one always fears of losing. The innocence of playfulness that keeps dreams alive. In them she savored all the magic that spring brings up in the soul when running through meadows. Pretending that the leaves of trees were truly little boats that could sail the deepest of seas right to eternity. There was tranquility no matter what the world outside would whisper... as the world always does.
In the Summers Dallyanne would slide down sleek rocks that met the crisp jeweled water in the pond. The pond was so clear that she could easily see every detail of the little castles of the colony below.

to be continued.....

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