Sunday, October 23, 2005

I wrote this little song... about a geiko pooping in my eye... true story!! I have never done a little painting of a geiko so I post these 'cause they are my little song. Happy day!!

"Shit Happens"

Geiko geiko on the ceiling
waiting for that special feeling.
Turned his head and he smiled at me
as I layed down and watched TV.
Then he gave a little sigh
as he dropped his do do in my eye.

Isn't that the way things go (2 times)

I watched a man walk past my window
head turned down
he was on the go.
He never looked up
to view the sky
but he'll never know do do
in his eye.

He'd say,


Heads up, stand up, get in line
move out, get out, watch the signs.
If you move through life
and ignore the view
you'll never know
what geikos do

say now,

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